Transformation through Fire

Fire Art

What is art?

better when its on fire....

Since 2007 Stephen has been travelling up and down Great Britain building and setting fire to art pieces for many different events.

Working with Pirate Technics amazing spectacles have been created, from burning down the tower of babel in the middle of a lake to massive green men as centrepieces for the Green Man festival in Wales.

Smaller and more personal works have been created and then destroyed such as 'Snappy' the wicker man for the Artemis gathering as well as dragons, hares, wicker goddesses and flaming symbols to suit your event.

If your name in lights is good then your name in flaming letters is better, intricate firelighting ceremonies involving small scale special effects and a great sense of theatre are a speciality.

A beautiful sculpture beautifully burnt, professional and well organised with all the last minute problems taken in their stride. Definitely recommended'

David - Artemis festival


The Firewalk ceremony is a symbolic rite of passage into a new way of being

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